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We and the environment

We are proud to contribute to a better and safer environment for us and future generations. Every day we try to cross the limits of the possibilities to maintain and encourage the emergence of a product that is environmentally friendly.

Research and Development

We pay the greatest attention to the health and comfort of our chair users. Each new product design and design is harmoniously linked to a particular environment that we have carefully studied, all combined with the best ergonomic features.

Do you want a better working environment?

Antares will turn your wishes into reality - with its products and solutions that connect people with the work environment to increase performance and efficiency, all in perfect style. Our attractive collection of products and covers guarantees full customer satisfaction.

Quality and service management

The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification confirms our first-class performance in product quality, company organization, customer care, and environmentally friendly approach.




První High Tech židle na světě vybavená Bluetooth, která komunikuje s uživatelem přes aplikaci staženou v tabletu nebo telefonu.

… we don't see chairs just as a means
for sitting, they shape the interior and take care of your health while sitting.

Francesco Cosmi

About company

Antares International Group is now 24 years old. From the very beginning we grow steadily and progressively. By constantly absorbing new information, gaining experience, expanding production capacities and human resources, we strive to satisfy our customers with the best possible product and service. The continuous use of our experience has led us to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, which confirms first-class performance in product quality, company organization, customer care and environmentally friendly approach. Our catalog boasts a number of products that have taken their lead in the market thanks to their modern design and high quality. Thank you for choosing Antares International Group.